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Alessio Taffarello was born in Treviso on winter 1982.

Passionate about cooking, novels, music and faraway places,

he attends the Cuisine and hotellerie high school and the University of Venice,

studying Japanese language and Culture.

During that period he works in a traditional italian restaurant and seaside hotels.




レストランLile in cucinaでシェフを務めることになる。



2012年と2013年にItalian Tourng Clubグルメガイドから

「Buona cucina」という賞を贈られ、2012年と2015年には


「Stelle della Ristorazione」という国民栄誉賞を贈られ。


Needing high-level cuisine experiences for growing up professionally, he moves to Milan.

His cooking adventure starts at Gattò bistro-restaurant, then some short experiences at Giacomo Arengario gourmet restaurant, Al Mercato and the “Vogue restaurant" Corso Como 10.

On 2011 he obtains his first experience as Chef at the restaurant Lile in cucina, where starts to think about a culinary offer divided into modernity and tradition, in a sort of competition, gaining "Buona cucina” awards for Italian Touring Club in 2012 and 2013.

On 2012 and 2015 he gets the National award to professional excellence called “Stelle della Ristorazione” from Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani (APCI).


2014年に有名なGambero Rossoグルメガイドから

「1 Forchetta」を贈られ、同じ年に「ミラノで





Then he became Chef of the gourmet restaurant Simposio,

where he gets one fork for Gambero Rosso in 2014 and

"One of the best three Risotto of Milan" award into their gourmet guide

the same year. Risotto still remains one of his most passionate dishes.

シェフCiccio Sultano(レストランDuomo、2 Michelin stars)、Ziboキャテリンといくつかのコラボレーションを経て、グルメレストランTano passami l’olio(1 Michelin star)で働き、2016年、2017年続けてカナディアンAlaska Seafood会社のシェフにとして、世界のシェフが集まるミラノでの「Identità Golose」と言うコンベンションに参加した。


After some collaborations with chef Ciccio Sultano of restaurant Duomo (2 Michelin stars), Zibo, and a work experience at the restaurant Tano passami l’olio (1 Michelin star), he was selected for two years in a row by the Alaska Seafood Company from Canada as Chef-testimonial for the culinary event called Identità Golose 2016 and 2017 in Milan.

そして日本に移る前にはレストランLile in cucinaへ戻り、その後和歌山県のリゾートホテルでスーシェフとして数年間、経験を積んだ。


He returns to the restaurant Lile in cucina, before he moves to Japan, in Wakayama Area, working for a couple of years in a resort hotel as a Sous Chef.




The return to his cuisine takes place with the opening of ANIMA restaurant on April 2019, where the Chef presents traditional italian dishes and some personal modern visions. A cuisine Idea where flavours are always recognizable to palate and with an harmonious and clean plating.

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